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Alliance All-hands Meeting

Alliance All-Hands Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, May 23
(all activities at Holiday Inn)
9:00 am Environmental Hydrology Team Meeting Salon A
12:00 pm Lunch for Tutorial and EOT Participants Atrium
1:00 to 2:45 pm Tutorials (parallel sessions):

Linux Clusters - Rob Pennington
Divison Director, Computing and Communications, NCSA
Access Grids - "How to Build and Install an Access Grid Node": Lisa Childers, Terry Disz, Robert Olson
Argonne National Laboratory

Salon DEF
1:00 pm EOT: EOT Introduction - Roscoe Giles Salon A
1:15 pm EOT: Review of EOT-PACI discussions from the NPACI All Hands Meeting - Ann Redelfs
1:30 pm EOT: Description and demonstration of VIAS - Ed Boyce, Alan Craig and Kalev Leetaru
1:45 pm EOT: EOT Partners Future Plans - Brief summary by each partner chaired by Scott Lathrop
2:00 pm EC Meeting Conference Room
2:45 pm Break Corridor
3:00 pm EOT: Plan for EOT working groups - Raquell Holmes

EOT Working Groups
Salon A
3:15 to 5:00 pm Tutorials (parallel sessions):

Computational Grids - Randy Butler
Division Director, Alliance Computational Environments and Security, NCSA
Scalable Display Walls - Polly Baker
Division Director, Data, Mining and Visualization, NCSA
Salon DEF
4:30 pm EOT: EOT Summary of Action Plans from working groups  
6:00 pm Dinner Reception and Poster Sessions Salon ABC
  Thursday, May 24
(all activities at Holiday Inn)
7:30 am Breakfast Atrium
8:30 am Plenary and Panel of Alliance Leadership:
"Overview of NCSA and the Alliance; the Vision of the Alliance": Dan Reed
Director, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Director, National Computational Science Alliance
Gutgsell Professor, UIUC Department of Computer Science

Enabling Technologies: Dennis Gannon
Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University

Applications: Dick Crutcher
Chief Applications Scientist, NCSA
Professor & Chair, Astronomy Department, University of Illinois

PACS: John Towns
Division Director, Scientific Computing Division, NCSA

EOT: Roscoe Giles
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University
Salon DEF
10:30 am Break Corridor
10:45 am Panel: Using the Linux Cluster
Overview: Rob Pennington
Division Director Computing and Communications Division, NCSA

User perspective: Lars Hernquist
Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University

User perspective: Steve Gottlieb
Professor of Physics, Indiana University

Group Discussion
Salon DEF
11:45 am Lunch Atrium
12:55 pm Panel: Using the Computational Grid
Overview: Randy Butler
Division Director, Alliance Computational Environments and Security, NCSA

User perspective: Michael Norman
Professor, UCSD

User perspective: Lisa Bievenue
Education Team Lead, NCSA

User perspective: Ed Seidel
Max-Planck-Institut-fuer-Gravitationsphysik and Univeristy of Illinois

Group Discussion
Salon DEF
2:00 pm Exemplar Scientific Communities:

NEES: Tom Prudhomme
Division Director, External Programs Division, NCSA

GriPhyN: Ian Foster
Associate Division Director and Senior Scientist
Head of Distributed Systems Lab
Argonne National Laboratory

AIPS++/Virtual Observatory: Tim Cornwell
Associate Director, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Salon DEF
3:00 pm Break and Poster Sessions Salon ABC
3:30 pm Future Technology Directions:
Thomas A. DeFanti
Distinguished Professor, Computer Science Department
Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago

Terabit Networks: Bill St. Arnaud
Senior Director Network Projects
CANARIE Inc., Canada

Exabyte Storage: Robert Grossman
Professor, Math, Statistics and Computer Science
Director, Laboratory for Advanced Computing
University of Illinois at Chicago

Petascale Computing: Thomas Sterling
Faculty Associate, Center for Advanced Computing Research, California Institute of Technology
Salon DEF
4:30 pm "Fast Forward to the Year 2008"
-Rick Stevens
Director, Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Salon DEF
5:30 to 7:00 pm EOT Meeting

PACS Team Meeting

7:00 pm Dinner Reception and Poster Sessions Salon ABC
8:30 pm Dessert and Coffee Bar Atrium
  Friday, May 25
(all activities at Holiday Inn)
7:30 am Breakfast Atrium
8:30 am Panel: Using Scalable Display Walls
Overview: Polly Baker
Division Director, Data, Mining and Visualization, NCSA

User perspective: Paul Woodward
Professor, Director LCSE, Department of Astronomy, University of Minnesota

User perspective: Mark Hereld
Experimental Systems Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory

Group Discussion
Salon DEF
9:25 am Panel: Using the Access Grid
Overview: Lisa Childers
Argonne National Laboratory

User perspective: Jennifer Teig von Hoffman
Senior Analyst, Office of Information Technology, Boston University

User perspective: Ken Bishop
Alliance Chemical Engineering Team, NCSA

User perspective: Ann Redelfs
Director of Outreach and Education, SDSC

Group Discussion
Salon DEF
10:30 am Break Corridor
11:00 am Conference Summarizers: Ken Kennedy, session chair
Ann and John Doerr Professor
Director, Center for High Performance Software
Rice University

Audience Discussion
Salon DEF
11:45 am Dick Hilderbrandt
Program Director, Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure, ACIR/CISE, National Science Foundation
Salon DEF
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EOT: EOT Session Discussion of All Hands Meeting Outcomes and Next Steps Salon DEF


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