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Alliance All-hands Meeting

Alliance All-Hands Poster Sessions

Jay Alameda
Poster: The Alliance Science Portal: A web-based environment for addressing multi-disciplinary applications through distributed collaboration
Lisa Bievenue
Poster: ChemViz: Integrated Open Environment for Learning Chemical Concepts
Terry Disz
Argonne National Laboratory
Posters: 6 posters. 4-5 presenters
Geoffrey Fox
Florida State University
Demo: Access Grid Collaborative Portal
Steven I. Gordon
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Posters: 1) Partners for Advanced Computational Services: Activities in HPC User Training
2) Using Real Data for Science and Mathematics Instruction in K-12
Bill Hibbard
University of Wisconsin
Demo: VisAD for Data Distributed Across a Cluster
Jennifer Teig von Hoffman
Boston University
Poster: The Access Grid Documentation Project - A scalable, distributed model for development and publication of high-quality documentation
Scott Koranda
Poster: Grid Infrastructure for CMS Production on Alliance Resources
Cynthia Lanius
Rice University
Poster: GirlTECH: A K-12 EOT-PACI Equity Initiative
Jason Leigh
U. Illinois Chicago
Demo: Alliance Research at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
Shirley Moore
University of Tennessee
Posters: 1) PAPI
3) NetSolve
4) RIB
Robert M. Panoff, David Joiner, Garrett Love
The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc
Posters: The Computational Science Education Reference Desk
Ray Plante
Posters: 1) AIPS++: Community Radio Astronomy Code for the Parallel Platform
2) The Networked Telescope: Automated, Grid-based Proecessing of Data from the BIMA Telescope
3)Parallelization of Widefield Imaging in AIPS++
Ethel D. Stanley
Beloit College
Posters: 1) Bioinformatics In Your World
2) Bioinformatics Problem Solving
Bob Stock
PSC Associate Director
Poster: New PACI Resources at PSC
Danesh Tafti
Poster: Grid Computing - A Java Client Interface To A Massively Parallel CFD Code
Gregg C Vanderheiden
University of Wisconsin
Demo?: Modality Translation and Assistance on Demand on the Grid (and future Internets)
Mary Ellen Verona, Susan Ragan
Maryland Virtual High School

Lisa Bievenue
Poster: A Digital Notebook for Online Science Tools
Paul Woodward, David Porter
LCSE, University of Minnesota,


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