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NCSA PSP Annual Meeting

Michael Tiemann, Chief Technical Officer, Red Hat

Michael Tiemann is one of the first and most important pioneers of open source. His early work with GNU software created world-leading technologies, and became an inspiration to Linus Torvalds and an enabling technology for Linux in 1991. Today, as Chief Technical Officer of Red Hat, he continues to shape the future of open source as it drives the next-generation of embedded, post-PC computing devices. Prior to joining Red Hat, Michael served as the co-founder and Acting CTO of Cygnus Solutions, which was acquired by Red Hat in January 2000. During his ten years at Cygnus, Michael participated in a number of roles, helping to lead the company from a fledgling start-up to an admired open source powerhouse. He is a frequent speaker and well-respected expert within the open source community.


605 East Springfield Avenue
Champaign, Illinois 61821