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2002 MSI Meeting

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The Regional Cluster Computing Workshop Program
Although all are encouraged to apply, preference will be given to those who submit as part of a two-person team made up of faculty and IT from an institution.
Registration Form
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1. Do you wish to be considered for a grant? * Yes   No

2. Are you a US citizen or permanent resident? (Required if applying for grant)
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13. What is the area of your present professional work? (Check all that apply and indicate area.)

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14. What kind of work do you do? (Check all that apply.)
    Technologist/Technical Support

15. To what extent do you conduct professional research?

16. To what extent do you use high performance computing resources (HPC) for your work?

17. If you use HPC resources, what type(s) of HPC equipment do you use?

18. Briefly describe your areas of professional interest:

19. Please state briefly why you would like to attend the MSI/HPC workshop:

20. Please state briefly how our support of your MSI/HPC workshop participation will further our goals of reaching out to underserved groups:

21. Have you attended an MSI/HPC workshop in the past? Yes   No
Cluster Specific Questions:
22. Do you currently have/use a cluster? Yes   No

23. Do you plan to build a cluster in the near future? Yes   No

24. Have you ever used RedHat Linux? Yes   No

25. Do you have working knowledge with Unix-like system? Yes   No

26. If you have/use a cluster:

   a. What applications do you run on the cluster?

   b. What is the size of the cluster?

   c. Where is the cluster located? Your own site Other site
   If Other site, please specify here:

Are you submitting your application as part of a team?* Yes   No

If you are submitting as part of a team, please provide the name of the other person from your institution.

Thank you for helping us. If you have further information concerning your work or your desire to do research using HPC resources, please comment: