Wireless Networking Installation on Windows Machines

If you need drivers you can use a cd from the tech support staff at the conference
go to the appropriate website and follow the instructions below:
For the Orinoco card use http://www.orinocowireless.com/
select the 'Software' tab on the top of the page
select 'Download Software'
select 'Client Products' from the Product pull down menu and then click 'search'
select and download the latest driver for your version of Windows
For the Aironet card use http://www.cisco.com/
select 'Software Center' under the Service & Support category
select 'Wireless Software'
select your operating system
select and download the latest driver for your version of Windows

Once the download is complete, unzip it.

When you have the drivers downloaded or copied from the NCSA file-server you can insert the wireless card and the system will try to install it. Then configure the card to use the SSID Alliance. As an example of a Windows 98 system, follow these instructions to go through the setup process.

  1. Select 'next'
  2. Make sure the radio button 'search for best driver ...' is selected
  3. Hit 'next'
  4. Make sure specify location is checked and hit 'browse'
  5. Browse to where you put the drivers (example: C:\windows\desktop\win98)
  6. Hit 'next'
  7. It will find the drivers and hit 'next' again
  8. A window will show up that says "add\edit configuration profile" and select the 'edit profile' button
  9. This will pull up another window and you want to be in the first tab called "basic" and enter the network name Alliance
  10. Hit 'ok' twice then it will say "client manager is not installed"
  11. Hit 'ok' again.
  12. When it says it wants to keep files or replace them hit the 'yes' button (there may be two or three of these windows depending on your system)
  13. It will load some files and hit 'finish'
  14. The system will want to reboot so hit the 'yes' button and when you get booted back up you should be able to be on the network.