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2006 Private Sector Program Annual Meeting

Emergency Preparedness and Response through Information Technology

June 19-21, 2006

The natural disasters of 2005 have proven to be quite costly -- and evidence of the fact that there is a need for new tools in our critical infrastructure. This year, NCSA's Private Sector Program Annual Meeting will focus on Emergency Preparedness and Response through Information Technology.

NCSA will give an overview of the nearly 50 teraflops of computing power it provides to the national scientific and engineering community. Presentations on cyberenvironments and their use in disaster management will be offered, along with disaster planning and reliable software. NCSA will demonstrate tools for high technology visualization, RFID and robotics, data-mining, image-mining, and others. BP will present on disaster recovery following a natural disaster. And NCSA IT security experts and the FBI will present on what to expect following the disaster of a cybercrime on one's network.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with NCSA's scientists and programmers, and corporate executives who are facing today's challenging information technology issues. Attendees will also participate in a reception, a dinner, and a tour of NCSA's advanced computing environment. Attire for the event is business casual.

Mark Nolan, jmnolan@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Brian Kucic, bkucic@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Evelyn Hickman, hickman@ncsa.uiuc.edu, 217-244-3635


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