ADASS XXII University of Illinois
November 4-8, 2012
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ADASS XXII Conference

Exhibitor Instructions

Exhibitors may bring any audio-visual or computer equipment required for the exhibit. If you have questions about exhibiting or if you would like to receive information about sponsorship, please contact adass-loc at

Shipping Instructions

For clarity of information, please refer to these shipping instructions:

  1. Deliveries to the I-Hotel and Conference Center for ADASS XXII will be accepted no earlier than Thursday, 1 November. The hotel will store your delivery for arrival.
  2. Ship to:
    ADASS Conference
    c/o I-Hotel and Conference Center
    1900 South First St.
    Urbana, IL 61820-6914
    If possible, include "Attn: attendee name" (where attendee name is the name of a receiving attendee) on either the mailing label or the packaging itself.
  3. Please adass-loc at with information regarding:
    • Expected date of arrival
    • Number of packages shipped
    • Approximate weight of delivery
    • Claimant's name and contact information:
      1. Telephone
      2. Email
      3. Institution name
      4. Address

Your cooperation in working within these parameters is appreciated.