ADASS XXII University of Illinois
November 4-8, 2012
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ADASS XXII Conference

Local Information

There are a number of restaurants and restaurant-bars within walking distance of the hotels. However, we hope you will get a chance to go a little farther afield to explore the local area.

Here are some reasons you might want to escape hotel-land:

  • Explore the campus of the University of Illinois
  • Sample from a wider variety of interesting restaurants
  • Take in a concert, play, or movie
  • Try some local microbrews
  • See some art
  • Catch some C-U nightlife
  • Celebrate/Mourn the American election returns

While the southern end of campus is within walking distance, you'll need wheels to get most places. The downtown Champaign and Urbana areas have plenty of convenient places to park if you have a car. Taxis are an option for getting around, but they have to be ordered by phone (i.e. you're not likely to flag one down). The best way to get around is by city bus. It's easy, it's cheap (some are free, others just cost $1 per ride), and it runs late. Check out our ADASS guide to the MTD bus system.

Dive In!