2017 North American Einstein Toolkit School and Workshop at NCSA

2017 North American Einstein Toolkit
School and Workshop at NCSA

School: July 31 – August 2, 2017
Workshop: August 3–4, 2017

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Urbana, Illinois

Registration is open through July 17! Learn about room sharing opportunities.

The 2017 North American Einstein Toolkit School and Workshop at NCSA will provide an opportunity for researchers and students interested in numerical relativity to learn about the Einstein toolkit and discuss about its current and future development. The Einstein Toolkit is a publicly-available framework used by several numerical relativity groups in the world, with applications ranging from high-energy astrophysics to cosmology.

The first three days will be dedicated to a school useful for new users of the Einstein Toolkit and students and postdocs interested in learning about numerical relativity. It will cover the basics of the mathematical formulation of numerical relativity and relativistic hydrodynamics relevant for the Einstein Toolkit. At the end of the school participants will be able to manage simulations, modify existing Einstein Toolkit modules and add simple new modules to the Einstein Toolkit. The school aims to combine short lectures with frequent hands on exercises to let participants experiment with the material presented in the lectures.

A separate section will show how to use Einstein Toolkit simulations in conjunction with LIGO, in particular the recent observation of gravitational waves from merging black holes.

The school will be followed by a two day long workshop open to developers interested in the Einstein Toolkit and anyone interested in numerical relativity, numerical (magneto-)hydrodynamics, cosmology, gravitational wave data analysis and related fields. The workshop will present recent developments and allow for face to face discussion among the developers of which direction to develop the toolkit.

All participants for the school are welcome to attend the workshop.


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