Infectious Disease Informatics:

Surveillance, Modeling, and Response

Sept. 7-8
NCSA Building
1205 W. Clark St., Urbana, IL

Many individuals are addressing issues of infectious disease in both humans and animals using diverse methods. There are researchers who use powerful supercomputers to model how diseases, such as avian flu, could spread through the United States. There are others who focus on surveillance and detection of outbreaks. And there are practitioners, administrators, planners, and government officials who are on the front lines of public health preparedness and response.

This workshop will bring together people with interests in surveillance, modeling, and response and so they can share their experiences, learn about one another's areas of expertise, and identify opportunities for collaboration and information sharing. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss how to detect and respond to a large-scale infectious disease outbreak or bioterrorism attack. Because animals play a role in the transmission of about three-fourths of emerging infectious diseases and many of the pathogens of greatest concern as bioterrorism agents, the workshop will span both human and veterinary health fields and will be of interest to infectious disease and emergency medicine physicians or residents; public health veterinarians; infection prevention and control practitioners; emergency management personnel and disaster planners; hospital epidemiologists, medical technologists, microbiologists and public health officials.

The workshop will also include representatives from NCSA (the National Center for Supercomputing Applications), which provides computational and technological support to infectious disease research. The workshop will launch a discussion of the needs of the infectious disease research and response community, with the ultimate goal of developing a strategy for creating a comprehensive infectious disease cyberenvironment.

CMEs are available for this event. Click here for more information.

This workshop will be available via the Access Grid, and attendees in the Washington, D.C. area can participate remotely from the Access Center. Call 703-248-0072 for information.

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