Imagining Tomorrow’s University

Workshop Inputs

White Papers from Early Career Research Leaders

Survey responses from University Leaders

To what extent is research at your university becoming substantially more data- and computation-driven?

(1 = minimal change — 5 = substantial change)

How important are the open science themes of sharing and reproducibility to your university’s researchers?

(1 = not important — 5 = very important)

How much investment is your university making to integrate open science into the research environment and curriculum?

(1 = minimal — 5 = substantial)

What are the most important opportunities presented by open science for your university?
(First number is how many of the 12 respondents chose this item)

  1. To gain access to the data resources necessary for research
  2. To gain access to the software and tools necessary for research
  3. To improve discovery processes
  4. To gain access to the computational and storage infrastructure necessary for research
  5. To increase industrial relationships and partnerships
  6. To improve educational outcomes
  7. To increase funding opportunities
  8. To recruit students and postdocs
  9. To increase recognition/rating of the university
  10. To recruit faculty
  11. Creating new curriculum to prepare students for careers in open science across different sectors
  12. To improve pedagogical material and apply best practices for developing curricula

What are the most important challenges presented by open science for your university?
(First number is how many of the 12 respondents chose this item)

  1. To change the work culture of existing faculty and researchers
  2. To reward open science work in tenure and promotion processes
  3. To enhance library services for data curation and sustainability
  4. To improve licensing, ownership, and other legal practices for open science
  5. To develop technology infrastructure and staffing for open science
  6. To create pedagogical material for open science curricula
  7. To recruit faculty with experience in open science
  8. Providing new teaching programs and training in open science
  9. To develop a workforce for sustaining access to data and software
  10. To recruit and retain non-tenure track faculty and staff

What is an open science success story that you find compelling?
The respondents mentioned:

How can the outcomes of this workshop help your relationship with your stakeholders (such as your board of trustees or alumni)?
The respondents mentioned:

What other related issues are important that we should discuss at the workshop?
The respondents mentioned:

If you want to elaborate on any of the answers above, or provide any other inputs, please do so here
The respondents mentioned:

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