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NCSA/illiGAL Gathering on Evolutionary Learning 2006 (NIGEL 2006)

Trends in Learning Classifier Systems and Genetics-Based Machine Learning

May 16 and 17, 2006

NCSA Building
Room 1030
1205 W. Clark St., Urbana, IL

NIGEL 2006 will debate the current state-of-the art in learning classifier systems through a combination of short presentations and a series of thematic workshops.

Since learning classifier systems (LCS) were introduced by Holland as a way of applying evolutionary computation to machine learning problems, the LCS paradigm has broadened into a framework encompassing many representations, rule discovery mechanisms, and credit assignment schemes. Current LCS applications range from data mining to automated innovation to online control. Classifier systems are a very active area of research, with newer approaches -- in particular Wilson's accuracy-based XCS -- receiving a great deal of attention. LCS are also benefiting from advances in the field of reinforcement learning, and there is a trend toward developing connections between the two areas.

However, Holland's original ideas expanded beyond the realm of machine learning problems. The main goal of NIGEL 2006 is to facilitate discussions and exchange ideas about the current trends in LCS/GBML research. Besides the cross-fertilization of ideas provided by a short series of presentations, the participants will engage a succession of short workshops aimed to discuss and elaborate on specific topics that may include: long-term vision, strategic areas, key research areas to improve current techniques, and applications for increase visibility.



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