Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute  

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 Sponsored by:

National Center for Supercomputing Applications 
Ohio Supercomputer Center
University of Manchester
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Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute

July 10-14, 2006

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
1205 W. Clark St.
Urbana, Illinois

Reconfigurable systems have the potential to dramatically speed computing and spur scientific discovery by enabling scientists to work with flexible "clay" that can be molded to fit their codes, rather than fixed "blocks" of computing power.

The Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute (RSSI) provides a valuable opportunity for domain scientists and technology developers from both industry and academia to come together to share information and ideas.

RSSI 2005 focused on industry's view of development environments, compilers, libraries, and tools for high-performance reconfigurable computing (HPRC). RSSI 2006 will shift the focus to the HPRC user and programmer's point of view of these areas and will include algorithms and applications.

RSSI is co-sponsored by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and the University of Manchester.

Planning Committee
Program Chair: Rob Pennington, NCSA, chief technology officer and director of the Innovative Systems Lab
Trish Barker, NCSA, senior public information officer
Andrea Fierro, NCSA
Jennie File, NCSA, training coordinator
Volodymyr Kindratenko, NCSA, senior research scientist
Mike Pettipher, University of Manchester, head of High End Computing
David Pointer, NCSA, principal engineer
Dave Raila, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, senior research programmer
Kevin Roy, University of Manchester, team leader of Computational Science and Engineering
Deanna Spivey, NCSA
Eric Stahlberg, OSC, senior systems manager
Craig Steffen, NCSA, senior research scientist
Bob Wilhelmson, NCSA, chief science officer
Kevin Wohlever, OSC, Springfield project technical leader

Review Committee
Review Committee Chair: Volodymyr Kindratenko, NCSA
Rob Baxter, EPCC
Dave Bennett, Xilinx
Duncan Buell, University of South Carolina
David Caliga, SRC
Malachy Devlin, Nallatech
Kris Gaj, George Mason University
Tarek El-Ghazawi, George Washington University
Mattias Fouquet-Lapar, SGI
Alan Georgem, High-Performance Computing & Simulation Research Lab, Univeristy of Florida
Maya Gokhale, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Scott Hemmert, Sandia National Laboratory
Stefan Möhl, Mitrion
Gregory Newby, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
David Pointer, NCSA
Dave Raila, NCSA
Kevin Roy, Manchester
Melissa Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Eric Stahlberg, OSC
Craig Steffen, NCSA
Kevin Wohlever, OSC


If you have any questions about the RSSI, please contact

RSSI is co-sponsored by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and the University of Manchester.


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