Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute
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2005 RSSI Presentations

Monday, July 11

The Future of Reconfigurable Computing: A "Small Matter of Programming" (pdf)
Duncan Buell

A Computational Physicist's View of Reconfigurable High Performance Computing (pdf)
Vincent Natoli

The Cray XD1 Computer and its Reconfigurable Architecture (ppt)
David Strenski

Implementing Algorithms in FPGA-Based Reconfigurable Computers Using C-Based Synthesis (ppt)
Doug Johnson

Software: The Next Direction for Reconfigurable Computing (pdf)
Stefan Möhl

Tuesday, July 12

Field Programmable Gate Arrays - Power in Future HPC Systems (ppt)
Eric A. Stahlberg

SGI's Reconfigurable Application Specific Computing Technology (ppt)
Steve Modica

Starbridge Solutions to Supercomputing Problems (ppt)
Esmail Chitalwala

Application Development on SRC Reconfigurable Computing Systems (ppt)
Jeffrey P. Hammes and Daniel S. Poznanovic

Is it Time for Von Neumann and Harvard to Retire? (ppt)
Allan Cantle

Reconfigurable Computing Made Easy! (pdf)
Michael Babst

Wednesday, July 13

First-hand experience on porting MATPHOT code to SRC platform (ppt)
Volodymyr Kindratenko

Case Studies of Porting Two Algorithms to Reconfigurable Processors (ppt)
Craig Steffen

Reconfigurable Supercomputing Systems (pdf)
Tarek El-Ghazawi, Kris Gaj, and David Pointer

Tools for Reconfigurable Supercomputing (pdf)
Kris Gaj

Performance of Reconfigurable Supercomputers (pdf)
Kris Gaj

Cryptographic applications (pdf)
Kris Gaj and Tarek El-Ghazawi

Challengesand Promises of Reconfigurable Computing (pdf)
Kris Gaj

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