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The target audience of the first Richard Tapia Symposium 2001 was professionals and students, with an emphasis on encouraging student participation via posters and panels. The target audience size was 150, with the actual size being 164. The audience consisted of the following:

  • Diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students in computing composed approximately 54% of the attendees.
  • Diverse ensemble of invited speakers, including Ken Kennedy, Vipin Kumar, Agnes Chan, Juan Meza, Oscar Garcia, Charles Isbell, Sandra Baylor, Juan Gilbert and Nate Dean.
  • Professionals, representing government, academia and industry.

The symposium was a great success as indicated by the conference evaluation, summarized below.

  • More than 96% of the participants found the symposium intellectually stimulating.
  • 76% of the participants felt the symposium increased their desire to conduct research in the areas of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.
  • 61% felt motivated to conduct interdisciplinary research as a result of the symposium.

The following are quotes from some of the attendees that express the success of the symposium:

"Although I have always been planning on attending graduate school, the conference exceeded my expectations in expediting my decision of when to go, where to study, and what to study. I was impressed by the diversity of attendees. They were diverse in race, personality, interests, and talents, all of which combined to create an amazing setting for networking, and friendships that I will carry through the rest of my life."

"I just want to let you know how much our students enjoyed the symposium. I was with them yesterday at the undergraduate advisory committee meeting and they were telling everyone about it with such enthusiasm!!"

Additional information about Tapia 2001, can be found on the symposium website,