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  Eloy Rodriguez
Cornell University
Banquet Address: Friday, October 17, 6:30pm

"Computers! I Don't Need No Stinking Computers"
    - Famous Last Words From a Tropical Medicine Drug Explorer

Dr. Eloy Rodriguez, the James A. Perkins endowed Professor at Cornell University and internationally-known research scientist in the chemical biology of natural medicines, will highlight interdisciplinary approaches to the discovery of natural drugs that inhibit gastric cancer cells to rather bizarre cocktails of toxic arthropods and hot fruits that outperform synthetic EDs or viagra. Dr. Rodriguez will also highlight the importance of bringing together different disciplines ranging from computer bioinformatics, organic and molecular biology and digital imaging in uncovering new drugs from the forbidden jungles of the Amazon. Using a laptop computer with digital images of plants and animals, Dr. Rodriguez has been able to communicate with people of the Amazon to find rare plants and insects that cannot be described through words.

Lastly, Dr. Rodriguez will examine the successful scientific careers of two very bright and handsome young Chicanos, one born and raised in Texas and the other in California. Both grew up in homes with heavy hearts and compassion, but homes lacking in books and most certainly in computer technology. Later, both became heavily involved in the education and training of young minority students, many of whom are becoming leaders in their disciplines.


About the Speaker:
Dr. Eloy Rodriguez was born in Texas and received his Ph.D. in Plant Chemistry and Biology at the University of Texas. Dr. Rodriguez was a Canadian Medical Postdoctoral fellow and is presently the James A. Perkins Endowed Chair in Environmental Biology and Studies at Cornell University. He has published over 157 research articles, two books and presented hundreds of research lectures throughout the world. His research is currently supported by NIH and has been previously supported by NSF, USDA, and the Hughes Medical Foundation. Dr. Rodriguez has produced over 15 Ph.D./Masters students of which 50% are US minorities. He has established the KIDS program that impact hundreds if not thousands of minority students. Dr. Rodriguez is married to Helena Viramontes, a Chicana fiction writer and novelist, and has two college-bound children.

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