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 : Scholarships in Support of Tapia Conference Participation
The 2003 Tapia Conference scholarships have been established to encourage and support participation in the conference by people from groups that are underrepresented in computer science and computer engineering. Scholarships to cover travel, hotel accommodations, meals, and conference registration, are being provided to assure the attendance of those who would otherwise be unable to attend and ensure diversity in conference attendance. Preference will be given to students and mentors (from academia, industry, or government) who present posters and papers at the conference. In addition, preference will be given to faculty teams who bring students. The determination of the awards will be based on need.

Scholarship applications must contain:

  1. Contact Information
    This should include the applicant's full name, school name and address, home and email addresses, and phone number(s) where the applicant can be reached during Summer 2003.

  2. Demonstration of Financial Need
    This should include an explanation of the financial circumstances of the applicant.

  3. Statement of Conference Interest
    Applicants should state their interest in attending the conference, and describe their contribution to any activities involving underrepresented groups in science and technology.

  4. Statement of Current and Future plans.
    Applicants should describe their current research work, if any, in computer science or engineering. They should also include a detailed description of any completed computer science/engineering courses or programs and any future plans.
    Applicants should describe their current research as well as any relevant courses taught. Faculty that serve as advisors or mentors to students applying to this conference should explicitly state so.

  5. A faculty letter of recommendation. (Students only)

    Scholarship applications are available here and should be submitted via the website. The application deadline is Friday, June 20, 2003. Late submissions will be considered as funds become available.

    Scholarship award recipients will be posted after July 18, 2003.
    Scholarship applicants should register after the awards list has been posted.

    Questions regarding the 2003 Tapia Scholarship process should be directed to:

    Phoebe E. Lenear
    Scholarship Committee Chair
    2003 Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference