Professor Donna J. Cox


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Last update September 2006



“Discovering Math,” on-line video interview with Donna Cox by the, Discovery Production Group,
Discovery Communications, Inc., featuring NCSA scientific visualizations by Cox and collaborators on;  January 2007 – present Available to 70,000 schools on; will be available


British Broadcasting Corporation, “Virtual World” Part 3, March 26, 2002; Interview with Cox and review of Virtual Director CAVE software and remote collaboration with Hayden Planetarium.  "Virtual World" Part 2, BBC, aired March 19, 2002.


"The Story of Computer Graphics," HDTV film documentary of the history of computer graphics where Cox is interviewed as a pioneer, premiered at SIGGRAPH 99, August, 1999, in the SHRINE Auditorium; to be shown on British Broadcasting Company, 2000.  Donna Cox interviewed for the film.  Reviewed by Animation World Network:


 “Next Step”, The Discovery Channel, December 1994-1998:  program features Cox as co-creator of the Virtual Director.


“Life by Numbers”, Public Broadcasting Station, first program of 7-part series;  this program features Cox as an artist using mathematics and computers to visualize the invisible, Premiered April-June 1998;  continual broadcasts by local PBS stations and sold on video.;;


"Discover", The Disney Channel, 1994-1998:  program interviews and features Cox as visualization expert and computer artist.


“Cosmic Voyage”, WEMP-AM, WDJT-TV and WZTR-FM (Milwaukee and Chicago region radio) Cox television and radio interview and movie review, June 6, 1997.


Canal Plus' channels in Europe, January 1992.  The program is devoted to IMAGINA 92 and the material submitted to the Pixel INA Prize Competition which includes "Garbage".


"Good Morning America," American Broadcasting Corporation broadcast television, June 1991, featured her work in art and science.


"The Nature of Things with David Suzuki -Day of Reckoning," Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast television, Toronto, CANADA, February 6, 1991


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), interview included on the program "SCIENCE NOW" which was broadcast on March 5, 1991  (Radio)


"Innovations:  In the Image of Nature," Public Broadcasting System, WNET New York City, April 1989.  This program is aired throughout the United States.  Cox featured as artist and educator in visualization (1/2 hour program). 


"Computers:  The Future of Art," Portland Public Broadcasting System,  aired Spring 1987 - Spring 1988.  This cable program aired in the Pacific Northwest region.


"The Infinite Voyage:  Unseen Worlds," National Public Broadcasting System special,  aired first time:  Wednesday, October 23, 1987, September 7-12, 1988.  Cox was featured as a pioneer artist in Scientific Visualization (1 hour program).


"Time Pinnacle" (1989).  Scott Wyatt, music and multimedia production.  Computer images by Cox, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, April 2, 1989.


Parkland Planetarium multimedia presentation, July 14 and 15, 1988, to the Illinois Pre-Engineering and Science Educators, hosted by the UIUC college of Engineering Office of Continuing Education and NCSA.


1987 International Computer Music Conference.  Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  A live performance of interactive computer graphics.  Champaign, IL.  August 24, 1987, with Prof. Paul Martin Zonn, UIUC to perform computer visual music with two musicians and a dancer.