Professor Donna J. Cox



Last update September 2006


        Selected as one of 40 modern-day Leonardos’s, selected from thousands prospectus

Cox named modern LeonardoCox named modern Leonardo: An exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry honored the visionary visualization work of NCSA's Donna Cox. Watch the streaming video

        Databasing the Brain: Data to Knowledge (Neuroinformatics), winner for the Best New Professional and Scholarly Publishing division (PSP) of the American Association of Publishers, February 7, 2006. “Visualization in Life Sciences” chapter by Cox.

        Finalist, World Technology Summit Award 2005

        DomeFest 2005, three works selected

        SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater 2005, one work selected

        2005 SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies Chair

        2003 Keynote speaker, SC 2003, 3000 attendees;;

        2002 Golden Camera, International Film and Video Festival, "Runaway Universe", HDTV NOVA/WGBH, Producer and Art Director for Scientific Visualizations

        Appointed Editorial Advisor and member of the editorial board for Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, January 1999-present

        Distinguished Visiting Technologist, Indiana University, 1998-2001

        Elected as a voting council member of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) Applications Strategic Council, Internet 2 Commission 1998-2003

        Patent No. 6,154,723,November 28, 2000,: Virtual Reality 3D Interface System for Data Creation, Viewing and Editing, D.J Cox, R Patterson, M. Thiebaux, Ref. T96137, December 5, 1997;

        Nominated for 1997 Academy Award in documentary short subject, as Associate Producer for Scientific Visualization and Art Director for "Cosmic Voyage" IMAX film, premiered August 1996.

        National Research Council, elected to the Committee on Modeling and Simulation, 1995-1997.

        SIGGRAPH '93, Donna J. Cox, Technical Panel Chair, 1992-1993.

        2nd Place Winner, 1992 International Computer Animation Competition.

        Elected into New York Academy of Sciences, July 1992.

        Elected to the Board of Directors ACM SIGGRAPH August 89-92

        University Scholars Award and Grant, from the Office of the President, UIUC 1989-90

        NICOGRAPH, Tokyo, Japan 1990, 1st Prize Art and Entertainment, Computer Graphics Animation Category; Japan 1988, 1st Prize; Japan 1987, 1st Prize, 1987 and 1988.

        Coler-Maxwell Medal for Excellence 1989 granted by the Leonardo, International Society in Arts Science and Technology