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Here is something to look at.

Last fall we had a Superball at Supercomputing98 and the CAVE at NCSA. Our Blobbyman project in the Virtual Director has made significant progress over the vacation.

You can find out more about me elsewhere. But here are a few pictures that live at my NCSA home, including our CAVE and the grid . You can watch a streaming video about the postEuclidean Walkabout in the CAVES of SIGGRAPH94.

If you have a CAVE, Infinity Wall, or an Immersadesk, you can download two of the real-time interactive CAVE animations (rtica) made by my illiView team. Both illiPhaser and illiSnail come with instructions on how to build and sonify similar rticas on your system.

Here are some mpeg teasers for the NEW project Narnia , which is under construction. This will be a CAVE tour of parallel worlds which are connected to each other by topological portals through various knots, links and 1-complexes. For example, one world is branched over a trefoil knot, another over two hoops while a thirdl is branched over a single hoop that makes a loopyloop . The next branching set isn't even a knot, it's a stick cube . If you can support the patience or fast wires, have a look at a biggger trefoil . You might enjoy putting all animations on your screen at once and compare them.

The real-time interactive computer animators used for Narnia are based on Ken Brakke's ``Polycut'' and the illiShell. They are being written by Stuart Levy and Alison Miller.

Another NEW project well underway, graviLens, by Birgit Bluemer of Augsburg, Germany, approximates Einstein's equations for bending light about a massive point (black hole?) in real time, and in the CAVE. We use two linked spiraling tori, which distort as the mass increases. You can see the red mass far away. Only light from behind the mass is bent. You can see how we do this magic in the next mpeg which in which we step outside of ourselves and see our white head looking at the model.

The graviLens code was adapted to an exciting science game for the Alliance98 NCSA Partner's meeting in April 1998. In partnerBall two of you can play with an invisible black hole on the new DuoDesk(TM) wholly immersive virtual environment.

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