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GPU algorithms for image processing and computer vision

Editor: Volodymyr Kindratenko

Background Information

GPU algorithms for image processing and computer vision, to be published by Springer, will contain a collection of articles on fundamental image processing and computer vision methods adapted for Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). In recent years, substantial efforts were undertaken to adapt many such algorithms for massively-parallel GPU-based systems. The book is envisioned as a consolidation of such work into a single volume covering widely used methods and techniques. Each chapter will be written by authors working on a specific group of methods. It will provide mathematical background, parallel algorithm, and implementation details leading to reusable, adaptable, and scalable code fragments. The book will serve as a GPU implementation manual for many image processing and analysis algorithms providing valuable insights into parallelization strategies for GPUs as well as ready-to-use code fragments with a broad appeal to both developers and researchers interested in GPU computing.

Call for Contributions

Researchers working on the development and implementation of methods for image and video processing and analysis on GPUs are invited to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in the book. Articles on the following broad topics are solicited: Authors interested in contributing to this volume are asked to submit a short proposal via EasyChair by October 1, 2014. Authors of the accepted/invited chapters are expected to write and submit to the editor completed chapters by January 1, 2015. For more details see full solicitation or contact the Editor at kindrtnk@illinois.edu.

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