Fortran 90 to C compiler


This is a development version. It is not ready for general use as a Fortran compiler.


I have several goals for this project: A description of what has been implemented so far. The focus has mostly been on how to convert Fortran 90 concepts into C.

Improvements in the new version

Obtaining source

The latest version f90toC-060298.tar.gz (21K)
The original version f90toC.tar.gz (20K)


Make the target f90. The executable will be called ff90. It takes Fortran 90 code from standard input and emits C code to standard output. A straightforward compile from test.f90 to a.out would look like
  > ff90 < test.f90 > tmp.c
  > gcc tmp.c

This code has been tested with Linux 2.0.24, flex 2.5.2, and bison 1.22. It ought to compile on other machines without too much trouble.

Major To Do Items

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Last updated: 6/3/98