Dave Semeraro - NCSA

Welcome to my page. I am currently leading the scientific visualization effort on the Blue Waters petascale computing project at NCSA. For now if you are interested in contacting me use the information on this page. Click here to see a picture of Phil Papadopolos, Noel Nachtigal, and myself back in the days when we all had less responsibility. . Man I wish I could remember where I put that hat.


Follow the links below to some cumulvs pages I have assembled. This area is a real work in progress so check back once in a while. I intend to include information on various cumulvs topics including but not limited to:

My main areas of interest are listed below. Some of them have links to current projects and results which may be of interest to you. I have also tried to include pointers to similar work for your convenience. Various methods of contacting me are listed at the bottom of this page. Electronic mail works best. Finally, since personal web pages are a sort of electronic resume, you may download a more traditional post script version of my resume ( 64k) by clicking here. 


Computational Science and Engineering
Visualization Toolkit
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Graphics Performance
Collaborative Graphics