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Class MouseDevice


public class MouseDevice
extends java.lang.Object
implements PortfolioEventReceiver, ncsa.devices.Fake2DInputDevice

This object samples MouseEvents and translates them into a series buttons presses (3types) and vector representation of the mouse(x&y only) This is considered an intermediate step to building a Java3D InputDevice as it seems appropriate to lump all types of 2d input devices together. This gives us the added benefit of writing Generic drivers that take a well defined 2d input (with buttons) and morph it into a 3d transform (complete with rotations and translations). The output consists of the following : an array of button values (3), which are ints. a vector, whose current value is the last mouse screen coordinate location when any button was down.

Field Summary
static int MAX_BUTTONS
Constructor Summary
          The constructor.
Method Summary
 int[] getButtons()
          This method returns the current state of the buttons.
 javax.vecmath.Vector3f getVector3f()
          This method returns the last mouse position during the last time any button was down.
 boolean notify(java.util.EventObject e)
          This method handles the mouse events
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Field Detail


public static final int MAX_BUTTONS
Constructor Detail


public MouseDevice()
The constructor.
Method Detail


public javax.vecmath.Vector3f getVector3f()
This method returns the last mouse position during the last time any button was down. This is in screen coordinate positions.
Specified by:
getVector3f in interface ncsa.devices.Fake2DInputDevice


public int[] getButtons()
This method returns the current state of the buttons.
Specified by:
getButtons in interface ncsa.devices.Fake2DInputDevice


public boolean notify(java.util.EventObject e)
This method handles the mouse events
Specified by:
notify in interface PortfolioEventReceiver
Tags copied from interface: PortfolioEventReceiver
EventObject - The event to be processed.

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