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Class TransformGroupCustomer


public class TransformGroupCustomer
extends java.lang.Object
implements Customer

This object implements the Customer interface and is used to set the PickableTransformGroup's Transform3D to a new value every time the consume method is called. Usage:

Transform3d transform = InterestingObject.getTransform();
TransformGroupCustomer cust = new TransformGroupCustomer(transform);
MulticastHandler multi = new MulticastHandler("", 3120, cust);
multi.transmit(buf, len);
In the example above, we wish to send transform information out on a multicast group, and have all other MulticastHandlers listening on the subnet on port 3120 to set the Transform3D for the object InterestingObject when they receive data.

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Constructor Summary
TransformGroupCustomer(PickableTransformGroup transformGroup)
          Specifies a PickableTransformGroup.
Method Summary
 void consume(byte[] array, int len)
          When this method is called, the byte array is reconstructed into a Transform3D.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
equals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public TransformGroupCustomer(PickableTransformGroup transformGroup)
Specifies a PickableTransformGroup. This PickableTransformGroup will be modified when calls are made to this object's consume method.
Method Detail


public void consume(byte[] array,
                    int len)
When this method is called, the byte array is reconstructed into a Transform3D. The TransformGroup's Transform3D is replaced with this new Transform3D.
Specified by:
consume in interface Customer

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