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Class Colors


public class Colors
extends java.lang.Object

The Colors class can return Color3f objects based on the name English name of the color. For example:

Color3f lyellow = Colors.lookup("light yellow"));

Valid names are:

"snow", "ghost white", "GhostWhite", "white smoke", "WhiteSmoke", "gainsboro", "floral white", "FloralWhite", "old lace", "OldLace", "linen", "antique white", "AntiqueWhite", "papaya whip", "PapayaWhip", "blanched almond", "BlanchedAlmond", "bisque", "peach puff", "PeachPuff", "navajo white", "NavajoWhite", "moccasin", "cornsilk", "ivory", "lemon chiffon", "LemonChiffon", "seashell", "honeydew", "mint cream", "MintCream", "azure", "alice blue", "AliceBlue", "lavender", "lavender blush", "LavenderBlush", "misty rose", "MistyRose", "white", "black", "dark slate", "DarkSlateGray", "dark slate", "DarkSlateGrey", "dim gray", "DimGray", "dim grey", "DimGrey", "slate gray", "SlateGray", "slate grey", "SlateGrey", "light slate", "LightSlateGray", "light slate", "LightSlateGrey", "gray", "grey", "light grey", "LightGrey", "light gray", "LightGray", "midnight blue", "MidnightBlue", "navy", "navy blue", "NavyBlue", "cornflower blue", "CornflowerBlue", "dark slate", "DarkSlateBlue", "slate blue", "SlateBlue", "medium slate", "MediumSlateBlue", "light slate", "LightSlateBlue", "medium blue", "MediumBlue", "royal blue", "RoyalBlue", "blue", "dodger blue", "DodgerBlue", "deep sky", "DeepSkyBlue", "sky blue", "SkyBlue", "light sky", "LightSkyBlue", "steel blue", "SteelBlue", "light steel", "LightSteelBlue", "light blue", "LightBlue", "powder blue", "PowderBlue", "pale turquoise", "PaleTurquoise", "dark turquoise", "DarkTurquoise", "medium turquoise", "MediumTurquoise", "turquoise", "cyan", "light cyan", "LightCyan", "cadet blue", "CadetBlue", "medium aquamarine", "MediumAquamarine", "aquamarine", "dark green", "DarkGreen", "dark olive", "DarkOliveGreen", "dark sea", "DarkSeaGreen", "sea green", "SeaGreen", "medium sea", "MediumSeaGreen", "light sea", "LightSeaGreen", "pale green", "PaleGreen", "spring green", "SpringGreen", "lawn green", "LawnGreen", "green", "chartreuse", "medium spring", "MediumSpringGreen", "green yellow", "GreenYellow", "lime green", "LimeGreen", "yellow green", "YellowGreen", "forest green", "ForestGreen", "olive drab", "OliveDrab", "dark khaki", "DarkKhaki", "khaki", "pale goldenrod", "PaleGoldenrod", "light goldenrod", "LightGoldenrodYellow", "light yellow", "LightYellow", "yellow", "gold", "light goldenrod", "LightGoldenrod", "goldenrod", "dark goldenrod", "DarkGoldenrod", "rosy brown", "RosyBrown", "indian red", "IndianRed", "saddle brown", "SaddleBrown", "sienna", "peru", "burlywood", "beige", "wheat", "sandy brown", "SandyBrown", "tan", "chocolate", "firebrick", "brown", "dark salmon", "DarkSalmon", "salmon", "light salmon", "LightSalmon", "orange", "dark orange", "DarkOrange", "coral", "light coral", "LightCoral", "tomato", "orange red", "OrangeRed", "red", "hot pink", "HotPink", "deep pink", "DeepPink", "pink", "light pink", "LightPink", "pale violet", "PaleVioletRed", "maroon", "medium violet", "MediumVioletRed", "violet red", "VioletRed", "magenta", "violet", "plum", "orchid", "medium orchid", "MediumOrchid", "dark orchid", "DarkOrchid", "dark violet", "DarkViolet", "blue violet", "BlueViolet", "purple", "medium purple", "MediumPurple", "thistle", "snow1", "snow2", "snow3", "snow4", "seashell1", "seashell2", "seashell3", "seashell4", "AntiqueWhite1", "AntiqueWhite2", "AntiqueWhite3", "AntiqueWhite4", "bisque1", "bisque2", "bisque3", "bisque4", "PeachPuff1", "PeachPuff2", "PeachPuff3", "PeachPuff4", "NavajoWhite1", "NavajoWhite2", "NavajoWhite3", "NavajoWhite4", "LemonChiffon1", "LemonChiffon2", "LemonChiffon3", "LemonChiffon4", "cornsilk1", "cornsilk2", "cornsilk3", "cornsilk4", "ivory1", "ivory2", "ivory3", "ivory4", "honeydew1", "honeydew2", "honeydew3", "honeydew4", "LavenderBlush1", "LavenderBlush2", "LavenderBlush3", "LavenderBlush4", "MistyRose1", "MistyRose2", "MistyRose3", "MistyRose4", "azure1", "azure2", "azure3", "azure4", "SlateBlue1", "SlateBlue2", "SlateBlue3", "SlateBlue4", "RoyalBlue1", "RoyalBlue2", "RoyalBlue3", "RoyalBlue4", "blue1", "blue2", "blue3", "blue4", "DodgerBlue1", "DodgerBlue2", "DodgerBlue3", "DodgerBlue4", "SteelBlue1", "SteelBlue2", "SteelBlue3", "SteelBlue4", "DeepSkyBlue1", "DeepSkyBlue2", "DeepSkyBlue3", "DeepSkyBlue4", "SkyBlue1", "SkyBlue2", "SkyBlue3", "SkyBlue4", "LightSkyBlue1", "LightSkyBlue2", "LightSkyBlue3", "LightSkyBlue4", "SlateGray1", "SlateGray2", "SlateGray3", "SlateGray4", "LightSteelBlue1", "LightSteelBlue2", "LightSteelBlue3", "LightSteelBlue4", "LightBlue1", "LightBlue2", "LightBlue3", "LightBlue4", "LightCyan1", "LightCyan2", "LightCyan3", "LightCyan4", "PaleTurquoise1", "PaleTurquoise2", "PaleTurquoise3", "PaleTurquoise4", "CadetBlue1", "CadetBlue2", "CadetBlue3", "CadetBlue4", "turquoise1", "turquoise2", "turquoise3", "turquoise4", "cyan1", "cyan2", "cyan3", "cyan4", "DarkSlateGray1", "DarkSlateGray2", "DarkSlateGray3", "DarkSlateGray4", "aquamarine1", "aquamarine2", "aquamarine3", "aquamarine4", "DarkSeaGreen1", "DarkSeaGreen2", "DarkSeaGreen3", "DarkSeaGreen4", "SeaGreen1", "SeaGreen2", "SeaGreen3", "SeaGreen4", "PaleGreen1", "PaleGreen2", "PaleGreen3", "PaleGreen4", "SpringGreen1", "SpringGreen2", "SpringGreen3", "SpringGreen4", "green1", "green2", "green3", "green4", "chartreuse1", "chartreuse2", "chartreuse3", "chartreuse4", "OliveDrab1", "OliveDrab2", "OliveDrab3", "OliveDrab4", "DarkOliveGreen1", "DarkOliveGreen2", "DarkOliveGreen3", "DarkOliveGreen4", "khaki1", "khaki2", "khaki3", "khaki4", "LightGoldenrod1", "LightGoldenrod2", "LightGoldenrod3", "LightGoldenrod4", "LightYellow1", "LightYellow2", "LightYellow3", "LightYellow4", "yellow1", "yellow2", "yellow3", "yellow4", "gold1", "gold2", "gold3", "gold4", "goldenrod1", "goldenrod2", "goldenrod3", "goldenrod4", "DarkGoldenrod1", "DarkGoldenrod2", "DarkGoldenrod3", "DarkGoldenrod4", "RosyBrown1", "RosyBrown2", "RosyBrown3", "RosyBrown4", "IndianRed1", "IndianRed2", "IndianRed3", "IndianRed4", "sienna1", "sienna2", "sienna3", "sienna4", "burlywood1", "burlywood2", "burlywood3", "burlywood4", "wheat1", "wheat2", "wheat3", "wheat4", "tan1", "tan2", "tan3", "tan4", "chocolate1", "chocolate2", "chocolate3", "chocolate4", "firebrick1", "firebrick2", "firebrick3", "firebrick4", "brown1", "brown2", "brown3", "brown4", "salmon1", "salmon2", "salmon3", "salmon4", "LightSalmon1", "LightSalmon2", "LightSalmon3", "LightSalmon4", "orange1", "orange2", "orange3", "orange4", "DarkOrange1", "DarkOrange2", "DarkOrange3", "DarkOrange4", "coral1", "coral2", "coral3", "coral4", "tomato1", "tomato2", "tomato3", "tomato4", "OrangeRed1", "OrangeRed2", "OrangeRed3", "OrangeRed4", "red1", "red2", "red3", "red4", "DeepPink1", "DeepPink2", "DeepPink3", "DeepPink4", "HotPink1", "HotPink2", "HotPink3", "HotPink4", "pink1", "pink2", "pink3", "pink4", "LightPink1", "LightPink2", "LightPink3", "LightPink4", "PaleVioletRed1", "PaleVioletRed2", "PaleVioletRed3", "PaleVioletRed4", "maroon1", "maroon2", "maroon3", "maroon4", "VioletRed1", "VioletRed2", "VioletRed3", "VioletRed4", "magenta1", "magenta2", "magenta3", "magenta4", "orchid1", "orchid2", "orchid3", "orchid4", "plum1", "plum2", "plum3", "plum4", "MediumOrchid1", "MediumOrchid2", "MediumOrchid3", "MediumOrchid4", "DarkOrchid1", "DarkOrchid2", "DarkOrchid3", "DarkOrchid4", "purple1", "purple2", "purple3", "purple4", "MediumPurple1", "MediumPurple2", "MediumPurple3", "MediumPurple4", "thistle1", "thistle2", "thistle3", "thistle4", "gray0", "grey0", "gray1", "grey1", "gray2", "grey2", "gray3", "grey3", "gray4", "grey4", "gray5", "grey5", "gray6", "grey6", "gray7", "grey7", "gray8", "grey8", "gray9", "grey9", "gray10", "grey10", "gray11", "grey11", "gray12", "grey12", "gray13", "grey13", "gray14", "grey14", "gray15", "grey15", "gray16", "grey16", "gray17", "grey17", "gray18", "grey18", "gray19", "grey19", "gray20", "grey20", "gray21", "grey21", "gray22", "grey22", "gray23", "grey23", "gray24", "grey24", "gray25", "grey25", "gray26", "grey26", "gray27", "grey27", "gray28", "grey28", "gray29", "grey29", "gray30", "grey30", "gray31", "grey31", "gray32", "grey32", "gray33", "grey33", "gray34", "grey34", "gray35", "grey35", "gray36", "grey36", "gray37", "grey37", "gray38", "grey38", "gray39", "grey39", "gray40", "grey40", "gray41", "grey41", "gray42", "grey42", "gray43", "grey43", "gray44", "grey44", "gray45", "grey45", "gray46", "grey46", "gray47", "grey47", "gray48", "grey48", "gray49", "grey49", "gray50", "grey50", "gray51", "grey51", "gray52", "grey52", "gray53", "grey53", "gray54", "grey54", "gray55", "grey55", "gray56", "grey56", "gray57", "grey57", "gray58", "grey58", "gray59", "grey59", "gray60", "grey60", "gray61", "grey61", "gray62", "grey62", "gray63", "grey63", "gray64", "grey64", "gray65", "grey65", "gray66", "grey66", "gray67", "grey67", "gray68", "grey68", "gray69", "grey69", "gray70", "grey70", "gray71", "grey71", "gray72", "grey72", "gray73", "grey73", "gray74", "grey74", "gray75", "grey75", "gray76", "grey76", "gray77", "grey77", "gray78", "grey78", "gray79", "grey79", "gray80", "grey80", "gray81", "grey81", "gray82", "grey82", "gray83", "grey83", "gray84", "grey84", "gray85", "grey85", "gray86", "grey86", "gray87", "grey87", "gray88", "grey88", "gray89", "grey89", "gray90", "grey90", "gray91", "grey91", "gray92", "grey92", "gray93", "grey93", "gray94", "grey94", "gray95", "grey95", "gray96", "grey96", "gray97", "grey97", "gray98", "grey98", "gray99", "grey99", "gray100", "grey100", "dark grey", "DarkGrey", "dark gray", "DarkGray", "dark blue", "DarkBlue", "dark cyan", "DarkCyan", "dark magenta", "DarkMagenta", "dark red", "DarkRed", "light green", "LightGreen",

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static javax.vecmath.Color3f lookup(java.lang.String s)
          Returns a Color3f object based on the English color.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public Colors()
Method Detail


public static javax.vecmath.Color3f lookup(java.lang.String s)
Returns a Color3f object based on the English color.
s - the name of the color you wish to create.

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