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 * INCLUDES.h - includes



extern AUDIOsample smp1, smp2, smp3, smp4, smp5, smp6, smp7, smp8, 
                   smp9, smp10, smp11, smp12, smp13, smp14;


#define TEXNAME 118 
extern long img_list[TEXNAME];
extern float t0[2]; 
extern float t1[2];							
extern float t2[2];							
extern float t3[2];


extern Object 	GLmakePyr(void);
extern Object  GLobjPyrIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakeTriangle(void);
extern Object  GLobjTriangleIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakeSqr(void);
extern Object  GLobjSqrIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakeCube(void);
extern Object  GLobjCubeIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakeCyl(void);
extern Object  GLobjCylIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakesculpture(void);
extern Object  GLobjsculptureIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakesculpture2(void);
extern Object  GLobjsculpture2Index;
extern Object 	GLmakecubicvolume(void);
extern Object  GLobjcubicvolumeIndex;
extern Object 	GLmakeSph(void);
extern Object  GLobjSphIndex;

#define STEP (M_PI/16)

/*for objs from softimage*/
#define OBJFILES "OBJfiles"
extern wfObject **csoftarray;
extern wfObject ** init_object(int Argc, char **Argv);
extern char ** GetArgs(char *filename, int *numArgs);



extern float fog[5];
extern void rsReadTextures(void);
extern void do_navigation();
extern void reset_navigation_to(float, float, float, float);
extern void setup_navigation(void);
extern void draw_G400(); 
extern void draw_SOUP(); 
extern void draw_JAWS(); 
extern void draw_FIRE(); 
extern void draw_SPIN(); 
extern void draw_GROW(); 
extern void draw_GALLERY(); 

extern void calc_G400(); 
extern void calc_SOUP(); 
extern void calc_JAWS(); 
extern void calc_FIRE(); 
extern void calc_SPIN(); 
extern void calc_GROW(); 
extern void calc_GALLERY(); 

extern void APP_COUNTER();
extern void APP_draw();
extern void APP_updt();
extern int *App_in_use;

extern int VEC_line;