The Immersadesk

The Immersadesk


Using LCD stereo glasses, head and hand tracking, the ImmersaDesk is a projection-based virtual reality system allowing relatively unencumbered group viewing of the virtual reality environment. An SGI Deskside Onyx with a Reality Engine is used to create the imagery that is projected onto the screen. The ImmersaDesk features a 4 x 5-foot rear-projected screen at a 45-degree angle. The size and position of the screen give an immersive wide angle view and the ability to look down as well as forward. The resolution is 1024 x 768 at 96Hz. It also features a directional sound system.

The Wand

Head and hand are tracked with Ascension tethered electromagnetic sensors.

The Glasses

Stereographics' LCD stereo shutter glesses are used to seperate the alternate fields going to the eyes.

The Coordinate System

There are 2 coordinate systems: ImmersaDesk coordinate system and tracker coordinate system.

ImmersaDesk coordinate system (X, Y, Z). If you stand in front of the Immersadesk X is to your right parallel to the floor. Y is up perpendicular to the floor. Z is parallel to the floor and perpendicular to X and Y. (X, Y, Z) is right hand coordinate system.

Tracker coordinate system (Xtr, Ytr, Ztr). Xtr is to your right and is parallel to a back surface of the Spacepad. Ytr is parallel to this surface as well and is perpendicular to Xtr. Ztr is perpendicular to Xtr and Ytr. (Xtr, Ytr, Ztr) is right hand coordinate system.