Past Awardee

A Data Assimilation Framework for Forecasting Volcanic Unrest

Patricia Gregg
Patricia Gregg

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Award year: 2017-2018

Data assimilation is critical for producing model forecasts of complex system behavior. This project in collaboration with the CyberGIS Center at NCSA will expand our current efforts in volcano model-data fusion into a scalable data assimilation strategy that will provide a framework for volcano hazards research worldwide. We will pursue the following two critical advancements: 1) We will work with the CyberGIS center to develop an ensemble-based data assimilation workflow optimized for implementation on ROGER 2) We will work with the center to optimize our handling of big geodata collected by satellites at active volcanoes. Our long-term goals is to provide a framework for systematic usage of volcano observations to rapidly assess volcanic activity.