Current Awardee

Analyzing and Visualizing Linguistic Variation in Monolingual and Bilingual Speakers

David Dubin
David Dubin

College: School of Information Sciences
Award year: 2021-2022
NCSA collaborators: Todd Nicholson

Theories and models of human language and language assessments are based on the notion of the monolingual native speaker, and largely on English language data. The proposed project contributes to change this perspective to one that acknowledges linguistic diversity as a normal condition of human language, normalizes multilingualism and regards bilinguals as regular native speakers. Visualizing, analyzing, and explaining this variability is critical to understanding how different extralinguistic variables contribute to such linguistic variation. The project will build a syntactically and morphologically annotated corpus with speech samples of 500 monolingual and bilingual speakers of Spanish and English in the U.S. and Mexico and will investigate why existing automation tools and encoding standards are underutilized and how computational resources can better improve researchers’ productivity and lead to new discoveries.