Past Awardee

@art: an Arts and Humanities Portal

Joseph Squier

College: Fine and Applied Arts
Award year: 2000-2001

The authors are proposing the re-invention the @art gallery site into a more ambitious and embellished form -- a portal -- and intend to re-name this expanded effort simply @art. The @art gallery has an impressive record of accomplishment in the area of web-based art. But network art is rapidly evolving into new forms that defy conventional description, and the term "site" is no longer an adequate description for more sophisticated forms of functionality on the horizon. The new @art project will sponsor revolutionary new electronic artworks, feature an exhibition/performance space, provide remote collaboration opportunities, and experiment with new methods for artists to produce and for audiences to engage new art forms. There is currently no site on the Web that successfully exploits the technological and cultural potential of new communications media. The UIUC campus, as home to a diverse group of artists and technologists, could provide the perfect environment for inventing the Arts and Humanities portal of the future. Given the history of recognition for the @art gallery, the prospects for success are excellent.