Past Awardee

Data Mining for Determinants of Infectious Disease Susceptibility

Lawrence Schook
Lawrence Schook

College: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Award year: 2002-2003

The genetic basis for inter- and intra-species variation to the susceptibility to infectious agents has been observed for leprosy, tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and hepatitis B persistence. Defining the genetic elements that contribute to susceptibility have proven difficult to define using traditional approaches such as population associations, artificial challenge studies and in defining the threshold phenotype in various environments. Analysis of the susceptibility to infectious diseases has been described as potentially the most complex area of genetics for complex traits. This proposal will support the development of an integrated database associated with human and animal genome projects as well as clinical and pathology databases. The NCSA data mining approaches will permit us to develop models for future experimental validation with respect to the genetic susceptibility to infectious diseases. This will permit studies into novel therapeutics, monitoring protocols for infectious agents (bioterrorism), and increased insights into infectious diseases. This proposal also provides support for the development of a tutorial in data mining for life scientists working in genomics and health.