Past Awardee

Developing a New Artistic Performance Paradigm

Guy Garnett

College: Fine and Applied Arts
Award year: 2001-2002

I propose to develop an immersive application and an artwork, or series of artworks, derived from it. The artworks will be a new kind of interdisciplinary artform, a cross between a musical work, a dance work, and an interactive video game. The application will simultaneously be an environment in which such a work can be created, the means by which the artwork is performed, and the vehicle for experiencing the artwork passively or interactively, as desired. The primary idea is to enable immersive graphics to be created from a set of possibilities; to manipulate these objects in 6-space (position and orientation) and be able to store their trajectories; to then be able to assign sonic components (synthesized or recorded sounds) to these objects and map the spatial parameters of position and orientation to various sonic parameters such as amplitude, pitch, timbre, etc. These objects will "remember" the various trajectories they experience and be able to recreate them. The visual representation will be an extended cue to the composer and performer assisting in the conceptualization and memorization much like a musician's score does for traditional music. Each object will be part of a hierarchy of objects and will inherit behavior from higher or lower levels of its hierarchy. The performances will consist of adding new, subtle behaviors on top of the saved behaviors to capture a degree of performance nuance comparable to that achieved by fine performers on traditional music instruments.