Past Awardee

Enhancing First-Year Chemistry Education via the Implementation of Computational Chemistry

Paul Kelter

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Award year: 2006-2007

This proposal is for a joint General Chemistry/NCSA effort to modernize the laboratory and lecture curricula of all of our first-year chemistry courses. In particular, we seek to utilize the facilities and expertise of the NCSA to focus on the computational aspects of molecular behavior, both in individual molecules and bulk systems, in order to keep the education of UIUC students at the national and international forefront. The deliverables at the end of the initial project year will be a prototype "molecular modeling" laboratory in the mainstream first semester (Chem 103) and accelerated majors (Chem 203) laboratory courses, as well as a series of lecture supplements that describe to our teaching professionals in the national and international chemical education communities how to utilize the relevant aspects of modern computational and resultant visual molecular chemistry in the lecture setting. We plan to disseminate materials, as well as laying the groundwork for ongoing development, via the International Center for First-Year Undergraduate Chemistry Education (ICUC), an organization of over 160 chemistry faculty representing over a dozen countries throughout the world, with headquarters at UIUC.