Past Awardee

High-performance Enterprise Computing, Business Analytics, and Decision Support Systems: Toward Petascale Business Informatics

Michael Shaw

College: Business
Award year: 2007-2008

Corporations rely on information technology to process their enterprise transactions, with data collected from multiple sources, which are connected by business processes and networks. The need for understanding how to interpret these data at an aggregate level, how to coordinate complex enterprise networks and their processes, and how to seamlessly integrate applications has never been greater. High-performance computing, automated learning, cyberinfrastructure, and cyberenvironments--the types of IT developed by NCSA--can potentially help elevate business informatics to higher levels of performance, thus providing exciting opportunities for business innovation and breakthroughs. However, technical development alone is not sufficient to make business informatics successful. There must be efforts focusing on bringing IT, applications and the underlying business contexts together. To that end, I plan to apply high-performance computing to business informatics in three focused computational areas: (1) Computational Business Intelligence, (2) High-performance Business Simulation and Decision Technologies, and (3) Enterprise-Wide Decision Support and Risk Analysis. The systems and tools developed will be used to enhance four key business informatics applications identified in this project. If successfully implemented, this project will help demonstrate how to use high-performance computing to fundamentally change the range of capabilities available for enterprise-wide decision support systems by empowering businesses to perform tasks in real-time and on a level of complexity not achievable before.

Shaw will work with NCSA's Michael Welge, leader of the Data Division, and Bob Wilhelmson, leader of the Cyberapplications and Communities Directorate.