Past Awardee

Internet Based Visualization for Constitutive Relations in Engineering, A Generalized Learning and Development Tool

Youssef Hashash

College: Engineering
Award year: 1999-2000

This project seeks to develop a novel interactive visualization learning and development software tool for material constitutive relations (VizCoRe) used in a wide range of engineering applications. Constitutive relations have been developed to mathematically describe the stress-strain-strength behavior of engineering materials such as metals, plastics, concrete and soils. Finite element and finite difference methods in conjunction with constitutive relations are used in the simulation of problems such as metal forming, gear meshing, circuit board drop tests, deep open cut excavations, in a wide range of fields from aerospace, to civil and mechanical engineering. The availability of fast inexpensive desktop computers has made it possible for engineers and researchers to use these techniques in their day to day work.

The main challenge now faced by users of numerical methods and constitutive relations is the lack of a tool to quickly and systematically evaluate constitutive relations. The VizCoRe software tool is proposed to address these difficulties and will combine several capabilities that are currently disparate to develop new systematic ways to view, study, verify and develop constitutive relations. VizCoRe will:

  • be a learning tool to study constitutive relations and the implied material behavior without the need to go into the mathematical formulation of the constitutive relations
  • contain 2-D and 3-D graphical renderings that define the constitutive relations geometric shapes superimposed on the computed or measured material (stress-strain) response
  • introduce the use of an advanced representation technique of complex 3-D dimensional states of stress and strain using glyphs and hyperstreamline techniques
  • allow multiple users to manipulate the same model to stimulate collaboration and learning
  • be internet based, computer platform independent and be used on a personal computer

The development of VizCoRe will rely on the use of many existing computational algorithms and visualization libraries to minimize the development effort. VizCoRe will be an easy to use tool that students, researchers and engineers in the area of numerical modeling will use in their routine activity.

The NCSA fellowship will be used to develop the initial prototype for VizCoRe using many of the capabilities at NCSA and in cooperation with researchers there. This initial prototype will be used for further developments in the future and to invite other interested agencies and companies to support VizCoRe and increase its potential and uses in teaching, research and industry.