Past Awardee

Mobile Phone Water Sensor Network for Citizen Participatory Environment Sensing

Logan Liu
Logan Liu

College: Engineering
Award year: 2012-2013

This project is to create socially connected information sensing capability and mobile-cloud interactive computing technology by using smart mobile phones and associated water sensor to sense water conditions in field, to transmit the dynamic quantitative sensing information to supercomputer cloud for further processing and to establish a citizen participatory water sensing map on internet for public information broadcasting. We are going to develop novel handheld water sensors that use mobile smartphones' signal acquisition, processing and transmission ability. With the water sensors, smartphone users can measure soluble chemicals including various ionic species in water samples. The quantitative water analysis results such as nitrate, phosphate and chromium ionic concentrations will be generated by the mobile computing app in the smart phone and be pushed to supercomputer "cloud" at NCSA, together with the geospatial locations and temporal tags. When hundreds and even thousands of "citizen environmental inspectors" equipped with such handheld water sensor and smartphone app test water samples around large urban and rural areas, regional water quality maps will be established and become publically accessible through internet and mobile phone networks. The same smartphone app used for analyzing the water sensing results and pushing information to the cloud can also be used for fetching information e.g. the regional water quality map from the cloud to the smartphone.