Past Awardee

Nanopore Genome

Narayana Aluru

College: Engineering
Award year: 2014-2015

Nanopore technology has gained significant prominence because of its ability to provide breakthrough solutions to societal problems. A number of material systems are being investigated for fabrication/manufacturing of nanoporous membranes. The material systems range from solid-state materials, nanomaterials, soft materials, etc. The promise of nanopore technology also led to the investigation of confined fluids in nanopores. Given the enormous number of fluids and material systems, their combinations grow exponentially. As a result, identification of an efficient material system for a desired application is a significant challenge. The goal of this project is to create a data resource of soft matter properties in nanopores. Specifically, structure, dynamics and transport properties of soft matter in a variety of nanoporous materials will be computed and made available to the international community as part of the data resource. This new effort is possible because of two recent advances on our campus—namely, Blue Waters and the National Data Service. Blue Waters enables rapid calculation of soft matter properties in nanopore materials and the National Data Service will provide the necessary cyberinfrastructure and the user interfaces for data storage and access.