Past Awardee

Seeing Music through Data Visualization: A Black Aesthetic Genius/Hiphop Express Proposal

Malaika McKee
Malaika McKee

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Award year: 2020-2021
NCSA collaborators: Robert Sisneros, Colleen Bushell

This STEAM project will use data visualization techniques to analyze the internal structures of hip-hop music to show how computing can be used to analyze music. Information will be shared with the public through the HIPHOP XPRESS Double Dutch Boom Bus, a mobile public outreach classroom. By examining the internal data structure of music and applying principles of scientific visualization, the researchers will consider the temporality of sound and how that helps uncover internal insights about data architecture, and my also gain new insights about digital signal processing. The project meets a gap on behalf of educating cultural creatives about the important technical understandings embedded in music and enhances understandings from those in the technical field about ways that music creates unseen architectures and analytics.