Past Awardee

Simulation-Based Performance and Robustness Analysis of Large Distributed Control Applications

Petros Voulgaris

College: Engineering
Award year: 2008-2009

The objective of this project is to explore recently developed distributed control technologies into applications and provide a realistic and accurate simulation capability and software framework that can be used to analyze the closed-loop behavior of a large dynamical system. The PI's motivation in this effort comes from his work on two diverse engineering applications of distributed control. The first is in Astronomy and the second is in Atomic Force Microspopy (AFM). In particular, the astronomical application is the primary mirror control of very large segmented telescopes (30 meters in diameter, a few thousand segments) in order to be able to perform deep space observation far beyond the current capabilities. The AFM application is the case of controlling an array of tightly packed microcantilevers (order of a thousand per meter of array length.) The idea here is to be able to increase by a factor of 1,000 the data-throughput and thus decreasing the scanning time.