Current Awardee

The Big Picture: Media, Capital and Networks of Influence

Rini Mehta
Rini Mehta

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Award year: 2019-2020
NCSA collaborators: Kalina Borkiewicz, Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan, Luigi Marini

The Big Picture proposes to build a map of the global network of media, corporate power, and political influence that was engendered by globalization and which in turn continues to shape our world in the 21st century. The world that we inhabit today is caught in the interstices of political, economic, and cultural forces that operate in between fault-lines of nations, regions, and ideologies. Visual technologies and arts are as much complicit in manufacturing and manipulating history as they are involved in disseminating history as it unfolds. Our project will connect realpolitik and representation to capture a media history of the current times, in a global context. Using methods gleaned from the ontology-based models such as FOAF (friend of a friend), The Big Picture will bring together media studies, history, statistics, data curation, and advanced visualization to produce a dynamic interface accessible through a website. This project will partner with the PI’s Global Film History from the Edges project that has been granted $150,000 by the University of Illinois Presidential Initiative for the Advancement of Humanities and the Arts.