Past Awardee

The Development of Innovative Models for the Delivery of Cultural Heritage Information

Beth Sandore
Beth Sandore

College: Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences
Award year: 2001-2002

The design and delivery of easily navigable and effective cultural heritage information retrieval systems is an ongoing applied research challenge shared by libraries, museums, and archives. A growing number of users require tools to build, manipulate and study uniquely aggregated bodies of information from numerous sources in ways that assist them to understand its context and background, and allow them to contribute new research to that which exists. It is critical for those involved in building digital libraries to identify, test, and implement the optimal methods for providing users with access to organized collections of visual and textual information that are easy to navigate and to search. The goal of this proposal will be to examine and develop innovative information delivery models for digitized cultural heritage information from ten museums and libraries providing access to digitized primary source objects and documents to K-12 schools across Illinois. This work will draw upon the multi-disciplinary expertise of practitioners and researchers in the museum and library fields, as well as those at NCSA in working with the storage, organization, and delivery of complex information types for other disciplines. Existing software tools such as NCSA’s EMERGE, which work with a variety of data formats in a distributed setting, using standards that promote interoperable searching, will be targeted to test innovative methods for the delivery of digitized primary source materials from a consortium of ten museums, libraries, and historical societies.