Past Awardee

Virtual Rendering of Multiphase Flows

Eric Loth

College: Engineering
Award year: 2000-2001

There are two main objectives of this work: 1) to construct virtual reality software specifically designed for rendering multiphase flows; and 2) make this software available to all multi-phase researchers. These objectives are related NCSA's efforts in providing a shared space for researchers to communicate via the NCSA Access Grid idealogy. For the first objective, it is proposed to combine existing VR (virtual reality) computational methodologies developed by NCSA with multi-phase computational dynamics developed by the proposer (EL) to provide realistic and robust simulation of the time-dependent trajectory and concentration distribution for droplets, particles, or bubbles in an unsteady fluid. The second objective is to create a straightforward web-environment which make available this technology to the two-phase technical community in order to facilitate the investigation and communication of their research. This would include use of NCSA's website for downloadable VR applications. The availability of the software will be first announced/presented along with an on-site demonstration at the 2001 International Conference on Multiphase Flow (ICMF) -- which will be, by far, the largest conference ever for multi-phase flow. To accomplish these two goals, this project will incorporate the expertise of a senior virtual reality scientist (William Sherman of NCSA), a leading computational multi-phase flow researcher (the proposer, EL), and a Computer Science graduate student all working with the NCSA VR facilities of the Cave and Immersa-Desk.

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