Past Awardee

Visual Analytics of Bovine Nutrigenomics Datasets

Juan Loor
Juan Loor

College: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Award year: 2012-2013

The proposed project seeks to mine, integrate, and develop an innovative visual and interactive tool for studying and exploring bovine transcriptome data from previous studies conducted at the University of Illinois that dealt with different nutritional interventions during late-pregnancy through early lactation at which point animals reached the peak rate of milk synthesis. The available time-course transcriptome data from liver, adipose tissue, and mammary gland tissue will provide a systems understanding of the underlying clusters and networks of genes that coordinate the functional adaptations of these tissues to the onset of lactation. The dynamics of the transcriptome will be assembled into a more holistic model by including whole-animal level data from the same animals, e.g. milk production rate, changes in body weight, and changes in blood metabolites and hormones.