Past Awardee

Visualization of Vignette and Statistical Models: An Integrated Approach

Sharon Tettegah

College: Education
Award year: 2005-2006

The goal of our research is to develop and study the potential use of animated vignettes, using Immersive and desktop Virtual Reality, as a method for data collection with subsequent statistical analysis. This combined methodology has tremendous potential in educational and other social science research. As a test-bed, we will use these tools to study educators (in-service and pre-service teachers') and student's empathic dispositions related to students who are victims of various types of relational aggressions.

As a follow up on Tettegah's pilot study, we will conduct an experiment where in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and young adults are randomly assigned to either a text or animated vignette condition (immersive and desktop environments; both presented via computer. The latter is included to ascertain whether differences exist between text and animated conditions in terms of respondents' ability to recall the events and other aspects of the situation portrayed in the vignettes.

The NCSA faculty fellows funding will enable us to develop collaborative, cross departmental research to investigate and test our combined methodological innovations using animated narrative vignettes responses and LMA/graphical statistical models. We seek to develop more complex vignettes and statistical algorithms to determine whether our proposed methodology yields better measures of underlying constructs than traditional survey methods, whether the computer animated vignettes are superior to written ones, and develop the LMA/graphical models for text data. At the same time, we hope to contribute to a solution to social problems our children face at school by engaging education professionals.