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Advancing the Visualization of Atmospheric Climate Datasets and Modeling Results
Name: Donald Wuebbles
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Algorithms and Tools for Mammalian Genome Reconstruction Analysis
Name: Jian Ma
Department: Bioengineering

An Implementation of Topic Modeling that Addresses Humanists' Interest in Historical Change
Name: Ted Underwood
Department: English

An Ontology-Driven Model for the Efficient Use of Provenance Information
Name: Frederico Fonseca

An Open Environment for Automation of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane-Active Host Defense Peptides
Name: Taras Pogorelov
Department: School of Chemical Sciences

Analyzing Communal Conversation
Name: Caroline Haythornthwaite
Department: Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences

Animation of Stereoscopic Experimental Data of Air Flow and Pollutant Transmission in an Aircraft Cabin
Name: Yuanhui Zhang
Department: Agricultural and Biological Engineering

At the Interface of Chemistry and Mechanics: Multiscale Modeling of Crack Dynamics in a New Class of Self-Healing Materials
Name: Ahmed Elbanna
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Automating Phylogenomic Analysis of Protein Sequence Motifs
Name: H. Rex Gaskins
Department: Animal Sciences

Autonomous Vision-based Progress Monitoring of Building and Infrastructure Construction Projects
Name: Timothy Bretl
Department: Aerospace Engineering

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