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Data Mining of Hierarchical Determinants of the Obesity Epidemic
Name: Weimo Zhu
Department: Kinesiology

Deciphering Intergenic DNA - The Next Challenge in Genome Biology
Name: Matthew Hudson
Department: Crop Sciences

Deep Learning to the Rescue: Enabling the Search and Characterization of New Classes of Gravitational Wave Sources with Novel Applications of Machine Learning
Name: Zhizhen Zhao
Department: Electrical and Computational Engineering

Designing for Design: Interaction Techniques for Large Display Walls
Name: Brian Bailey
Department: Computer Science

Developing a Grid-Enabled Cyberinfrastructure for Education in Computational Chemistry
Name: Thanh Truong
Department: Chemistry

Developing a High-Throughput Unsupervised Learning System for Pollen Identification
Name: Surangi W. Punyasena
Department: Plant Biology

Developing a New Artistic Performance Paradigm
Name: Guy Garnett
Department: School of Music

Development and Deployment of a Sequencing and Bioinformatics Pipeline for Rapid Detection of Structural Variations in Crop Genomes
Name: Matthew Hudson
Department: Bioinformatics and Genomics

Development of a Medical Teleconference Facility Supporting Remote Videofluoroscopic Assessment of Patients with Dysphagia
Name: Adrienne Perlman
Department: Speech and Hearing Science

Development of an HPC Platform for Plasma-Material Interactions and Nanostructuring
Name: Davide Curreli
Department: Nuclear Plasma and Radiological Engineering

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