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Imaging the Earth's Converging Tectonic Plates
Name: Wang-Ping Chen
Department: Geology

Improving the Efficiency of Taxi Systems through Real-time Seek Time Prediction
Name: Daniel Work
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Information Visualization in Comparative and Functional Genomics
Name: Lei Liu
Department: Biotechnology Center

Name: Wayne Pitard
Department: Religious Studies

Interdisciplinary Work in a Highly Technical Context: Uncovering Successful Strategies and Potential Costs of Collaboration
Name: William Barley
Department: Communications

Internet Based Visualization for Constitutive Relations in Engineering, A Generalized Learning and Development Tool
Name: Youssef Hashash
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

LAIT: Laboratory for Audience Interactive Technologies
Name: John Toenjes
Department: Dance

Large Scale Computation of Casimir Forces for Arbitrary 3D Objects
Name: Weng Cho Chew
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Large scale numerical simulations via reconfigurable computing hardware: An application using discrete element modeling of granular material
Name: Youssef Hashash
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Learning Next-Generation Aerosol Models for Global Climate Simulation
Name: Nicole Riemer
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

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