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By year: 2008-2009

Balancing Competing Requirements in a Large-scale Network as a Paradigm for Music Composition
Name: Sever Tipei
College: Fine and Applied Arts
Department: School of Music

COLUMBUS Parallel Spin-Orbit Configuration Interaction-Education and Research
Name: Walter C. Ermler
College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: University of Texas at San Antonio

Computational Identification of Transcription Networks in Embryonic Stem Cells
Name: Sheng Zhong
College: Engineering
Department: Bioengineering

Cyber Connoisseurship: Tools to Aid Understanding of the Medieval French Book Trade
Name: Anne D. Hedeman
College: Fine and Applied Arts
Department: Art & Design

Enhanced Climate Simulations and Earth System Modeling using High-End Computing Systems
Name: Atul Jain
College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: Atmospheric Sciences

GridChem Electronic-Structure Information Workflow and Database
Name: Duane Johnson
College: Engineering
Department: Materials Science and Engineering

High-Performance Visualization and Immersive Environments
Name: Loukas Kalisperis
College: Engineering
Department: Penn State University and The Cyprus Institute

Parallel, Modified Nodal Integral Method and Innovative Application Accelerators (such as FPGAs, GPUs) for Turbulence Modeling using LES and DNS
Name: Rizwan Uddin
College: Engineering
Department: Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering

Petascale Distributed Computing for Terascale Physics
Name: Mark Neubauer
College: Engineering
Department: Physics

Scalability Analysis and Experiments of Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Petascale Computing for 3D CT Medical Imaging Reconstructions
Name: Jun Ni
College: Medicine
Department: University of Iowa

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