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By year: 2009-2010

Accelerometery in Wheelchair Propulsion
Name: Jacob Sosnoff
College: Applied Health Sciences
Department: Kinesiology and Community Health

Algorithms and Tools for Mammalian Genome Reconstruction Analysis
Name: Jian Ma
College: Engineering
Department: Bioengineering

Enhancing GPU-based Supercomputing through Workload and Communication Optimization
Name: Steven S. Lumetta
College: Engineering
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Multi-Spectral Imaging and Analysis of Manuscript Materials
Name: Chatham Ewing
College: Library
Department: Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Optimal Strain Design for the Production of Ethanol from Renewable Biomass through Computing Elementary Flux Modes Using a Genome-Scale Stoichiometric Model
Name: Yong-Su Jin
College: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition

Rapid Decision Support for Hazard Responses by Cyberenvironment of Urban Infrastructure Networks
Name: Junho Song
College: Engineering
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Refined Estimates of the Eastern North American Carbon Budget: Multi-Objective Model Calibration and Data Assimilation
Name: Michael Dietze
College: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Department: Plant Biology